Facebook becomes a major platform for not only advertising but also a huge opportunities for monetization online.VideoEgg,an online advertising solution service has recently announced that it has generated over 1.5 million USD in the past five months using ,an add network for facebook applications.Facebook applications have business value even without creating revenue.There are more methods to monetize facebook applications.We can make money by using our own facebook applications and also from third-party facebook applications.By using our own applications we can generate revenue by :

  • Using CPM ads for pageviews of facebook application canvas pages.
  • Cost per click models which many ad networks doing like Social media,Lookery,Rock you etc..,
  •  Cost per application install depending on the need in market place.
  • Promoting affiliate links and products as Cost per Lead or Cost per Action.
  • Selling products of your own such as e-books, PHP scripts  by which you will get instant money.

There are many sites  and fb applications which are offering you to create a new facebook application without the programming knowledge required but they are upto certain limits and i am not sure that we can take full control over the applications though we can promote our business through advertising.Here are some services which let you to create your new facebook application.,

let you to create your own facebook application and its perfect for both beginners and professionals.

is another facebook application builder which let you to create many kinds of facebook applications such as poll,quiz,gift cards etc..,

let you to create your own money making gift application.

is the application creator platform on facebook which pays the app creator money based on the popularity of the application and no programming skills are required.

Making money from facebook’s third part applications includes many ways:

is a simple facebook applications which lets you to add your affiliate products or your own products to sell in the form of banner which you can add it to your profile.

  is nice facebook application which lets you to showcase your books and let other users on facebook to make a comment on it.

is a free social commerce network application which lets facebook users to buy or sell products or trade products and services.

is a facebook application connecting paypal with facebook which lets you to market variety of products with compensation and you will receive 1 USD to invite other users and friends in facebook.

  is a facebook application which lets you to create a store by selling products through your facebook profile.

  lets you to promote your e-bay products by selling to your friends on facebook.

  lets you to seel your items to your friends on facebook

lets you to promote their musical acts  and you will earn  5% commission on the sale of their music.

lets you to promote an item by displaying as a widget on your profile
and you will get a commission on every sale.
A online affiliate store is a collection of products with your affiliate links.You will get paid for each sale made from your affiliate store.It’s one of the easy way where many affiliate marketers are looking for passive and residual income.There are many ways to build a affiliate store,Here we will discuss some of the readymade affiliate stores and other resources..,

 Storestacker from Marius omar lets you to build your affiliate niche store easily.The storestacker script is available in three packages.The basic startup package script contains amazon plugin,ebay plugin,affiliate bot,youtube and click2sell.,while the advanced package contains paydotcom,RSS module and click bank along with the plugins in basic startup package and the full house package contains all available programs modules which lets you to skyrocket your sales.Along with the purchase you will get Ultimate footer ad worth 47$ and a “Get more backlinks” e-book worth 47$ respectively.They are offering a free 15 days trial period to use the script.Click here to now.

 Create a powerful amazon associate affiliate store with .They let you to create a professional looking site with cool features The features include custom seo friendly urls,fully featured theme manager ,RSS feed,no powered by footprint etc..,They are offering a 60 days cash back guarantee with no asked questions return policy.Have a look at this demo store

Easily build an affiliate site with .Create a professional looking affiliate sites with few mouse clicks.

offers amazon powered affiliate online stores for 150$ per domain and its completely maintenance free.The site comes with free lifetime web hosting,backups and updates,powerful product category search features,Seo friendly URL and content ,realtime product information and pricing,real customer review,shopping cart and much more.., Have a look at this demo store which was built by site depot

E-bay affiliate website builder() lets your to create affiliate sites using the power of ebay,google adsense,amazon and clickbank .Features include automated geo targeting,automated translation which supports major languages,Social site integration,unique quality content etc..,
Look at this site 3 way links